What a drag - fundraiser

How it works

From May 20 to June 25, you will be able to donate to any of the “What a Drag” candidates and the one with the highest total donations at 7:00 PM on June 25 will be “Queen of the Night” and will be put into quick drag and be part of a one song group performance with the cast of the evening drag show. All candidates will be given prior notice of the song that will be performed.

This year's “What a Drag” celebrities.

currently in first Place

Jay Kemp

Hi my name is Jay Kemp, I’m 39 and I’ve lived in the Innisfail area all my life. Along with my wife Crystal, and our 3 kids, Emmersyn, Axyl and Memphys, we run a heavy duty Mechanic shop, Farmtech Mechanical, located just outside of town, as well as help on our family farm. Recently our son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and we spent a week in hospital with him, also spending time at the Ronald McDonald house, it allowed our entire family to be together during a very hard time, when we heard about the fundraiser, my wife was happy to volunteer me to help, I’ve lived in this community my entire life, and to see the community come together, either for an individual or a group, makes me proud to be apart of such an outstanding area!

currently in fourth Place

Jason Heistad

Hello, I am Jason Heistad, and I have been a long-time resident of Innisfail since 1996. After an eight year hiatus from the town council, I was elected in October 2021 to a fourth term. Last year the Heistad family was a sponsor of the very first Pride event. When asked about putting my name forward to this fundraiser, there was no hesitation. The Pride Event in Innisfail shows that our Central Alberta Community is supportive of the LGBTQ community. If chosen, I look forward to rocking it out in Drag!

currently in second Place

Brad Wilson

My name is Brad Wilson and I have been a Innisfail resident for the past 15 years. I am a Town of Innisfail employee and have been married to my beautiful wife for 17 years. I am a gifted napper, talker, living room performer and ice cream eater. I'm volunteering for Innisfail Pride, to support local charity and have an active role in bringing about meaningful, and enduring change in our community.

Currently in third place

Shaun Steen

Howdy, my name is Shaun Steen, and I have lived in the Innisfail area for most of my life. I attended Junior and High School here and have worked for several local businesses before buying The Coffee Cottage with my fiancé Dale. I am doing the "What A Drag" Fundraiser as it benefits some great causes, two of which I have been involved with; I was a Big Brother volunteer, and I am part of the Innisfail Pride Board. Also, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and do something crazy and new to help the community and support others. I think this will be a fun experience regardless of whether I am the one who performs.

How to donate to your favorite celebrity

There are several ways to make a donation to your favorite celebrity to see them in drag.

  1. Email transfer your donation and in the “Message Area” please put the celebrity you are donating to, along with your information.  Please send transfers to: whatadrag@innisfailpride.org  

  2. You can drop off donations to The Coffee Cottage. Please include your name and who you are donating to.

  3. On June 25th you can donate in person at the Pride event and then be there for the big evening performance

Funds raised

The proceeds from the fundraiser will be split three ways.  ⅓ going to Ronald McDonald House in Red Deer, ⅓ going to Brothers and Sisters Innisfail and the final ⅓ will go to Innisfail Pride to help support ongoing programs, initiatives and the Pride event.